Comomg's English blog start!

Comomg's English blog start!

Hello🌞 I am Watanabe, a member of Comomg👧

We are starting a blog in English as well, and I would like to share with you some of the things we do here at the company!

First of all, let me introduce what we do.


Our company makes wooden toys.

We have toys like "Donguri korokoro," which is a toy that goes down a hill🌳,

or "Tuminy," a toy in which a truck carries blocks of wood out of a garage🚙,

Pull toy ”Toby & Boco," in which a horse runs with soldiers on it💂🐴, and more!



The target age range is usually from 3 years old👶! (Please see the page of each product for more details.)


Our toys feature cute faces and bright colors.

Their lovability is loved by many people, from babies to adults.


Also we use safe paints.

The "Osmocolor" we use is safe and safe to put in your mouth.


You will also find other details about our toys in this blog!

Best regards!


Comomg toys are recommended as baby gifts and birthday presents.

May they reach people all over the world☺!


Comomg Inc.

Postal Code 332-0004 3-10-2

Ryoke, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama