Kommugu's progress

■ Kommugu's history

Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. Kommugu was born in 2003 in a manufacturing town where casting is a thriving local industry. Komatsu's parent's house, who is also the founder, is a town factory of wooden molds with a history of 50 years in Kawaguchi. Komatsu himself was involved in the making of wooden molds before opening, cultivating his foundation as a craftsman. Not limited to wooden molds. We are proud of the polite and beautiful Japanese craftsmanship that is accepted all over the world. From Kawaguchi to the world by transition from local industry. The solid skills and mindset nurtured in a manufacturing town have been transformed from wooden molds into toys and passed down to the next generation of children.

■Company profile

Company name Comomg CO.,LTD
Head office location 3-10-2 Ryoke, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture 332-0004
TEL 048-229-8053
FAX 048-229-8054
founding May 1, 2003
Established May 6, 2016
Capital 3 million yen
Business content Manufacture and sale of wooden toys Manufacture and sale of nursery playground equipment and furniture Holding exhibition events and workshops
Representative Representative Director Kazuto Komatsu

■ Biography

2003 Exhibited at the 2003 International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany
Omocha no Comamu opened
2004 Exhibited at the 2004 International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany
Year 2005 TV Champion "Rubber Band Craft King Championship" Winner
2006 Good Toy 2006 Certification
Acorn Rolling Series (3 items)
Komamu Doll series (3 items) total 6 items
2011 All lineup total renewal
Good Toy 2011 Certified Tuminy
2013 Kawaguchi i-mono brand certification
2014 Good Toy 2014 Certified Tapnet
2016 Established Omocha no Comamu Co., Ltd.
2018 Kawaguchi Recommended Souvenirs Certification
2019 Company name changed to Kommugu Co., Ltd.
2020 National Souvenir Award Certification
Certified as a company certified for diverse work styles
Kawaguchi City Regional Contribution Company Certification
Saitama prefecture SDGs declaration company certification
Nationwide Calendar Exhibition Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award Gold Award